On Sunday morning, the family of three generations all prepared to attend the Spiritual Convocation at an out of town church.

        The family first knelt down to pray in the living room before leaving. While praying, the Holy Spirit inspired: “You are going to the Spiritual Convocation today because you want to pursue the Truth.”


Apparently, God delights in us when we want to attend Spiritual Convocations, spiritual seminars, and the such sacred worships. At the Spiritual Convocation, we can receive the Holy Communion and pursue the Truth even more.


We need to be self-motivated and pursue to build up our faith. Only when we use our heart to pursue the understanding of the Truth with zeal, sincerely thirsting after the Word of God, will we often be willing to take the time to attend church services and special worships. Spending time to attend more services will ensure that the foundation of our faith will be solid.


The Lord inspired, “Your life of faith must to be like the baby turtle. From the moment a baby turtle hatches, they are thrown into a life-or-death struggle. They must push with all their effort and head to the great ocean to survive.  They cannot even relax for a moment, because they face so many predators and dangers. Keep striving forward to survive, to be saved, and to enter the heavenly kingdom!”




Judge Samson  士師參孫


20070511 Judge Samson - Pr HH Tien - MND CNT士師參孫 - 田輝煌傳道