During the morning prayer, the Holy Spirit touched with these words: "I am most pleased with the honest. Because whatever they vow to do, they will faithfully carry it out. Unlike some people, who will only talk about what they plan to do but never do it. I really like those who are honest."

        Lord Jesus is a true and faithful God. He expects us to be just like Him, truthful and honest. 

        Do not quench the urgings of the Holy Spirit. Truly carry out every resolution made in the presence of God. Rely on the power of God to escape from the reign of sin over our mortal flesh and resist the control of our sinful nature. Work hard daily to subdue our flesh and suffer our bodies into submission, to draw closer to God. Everyday, be diligent in serving God. Be transformed more and more like Our Heavenly Father, so we can be most pleasing to Lord Jesus Christ.



Breakthrough in Servitude - Honesty
事奉的突破-誠實 MND TWN

Pr Tien Huei-Huan 田輝煌傳道Video Sermon - MND TWN