On March 10, 2014, my mother was praying for another member who was undergoing adversity. She asked God, “He is already suffering. How could more adversity be added upon his current suffering?”

          The Holy Spirit moved her, “Suffering and joy are equivalent on the scales. But during the times of joy, people get easily carried away and forget. Yet during times of suffering, he will think and reflect. He will feel that he is lacking in faith and will trust in God and pursue after God even more.

          Adversity is more important than times of joy because it is only during these times that he will grasp tightly and trust in God. Therefore, when you encounter tribulations, do not be sorrowful, do not complain, and just patiently endure. Receive adversity with a joyful heart and give all thanks unto the Lord.”


   The Lord Tests the Hearts  - Pr. H. H. Tien