On the night of 4/8/14, my mother had a spiritual dream. In the dream, God revealed to her, “Who says there is no Goliath today? There are Goliaths everywhere slandering Jesus Christ and luring members to depart from God.”

            My mother asked God, “Then what shall we do?”

God answered, “A Preacher is like a small version of David. As long as the preacher has the wisdom and the power given by God, then he can kill Goliath.”

On 4/26/14, Sabbath morning worship service prayer, I was interceding in prayer for a worker of God. The Holy Spirit moved me, “You must tell him, Do not wait for people, do not try to please people, only do your duty. Be faithful and preach the word of God. Finish the good work for the Lord. God has his way and He will fulfill His promises to you. He will lead you, as he had led the Israelites out of Egypt! Therefore, do not be afraid. God loves you all and He will abide with you all.”


     Book of Jonah 1 -