On October 14, 2011, in an early morning prayer at church, a sister asked the Lord, "When other people pray, they can immediately see results. But how come my prayers are not answered? May the Lord have mercy and extend your gracious hand upon me and fulfill my prayers. "

 Lord Jesus answered, "You must learn from Elijah's prayer, to allow thousands to see the effectiveness of prayer." After hearing the answer, she immediately recalled the story of Elijah's prayer in the Bible. God immediately answered all of Elijah's prayers and thus manifested His awesome power and mighty miracles to all.

Ashamed, she said to the Lord, "I can't do it!" The Lord gently replied, "Then you must learn how to pray with a mind and spirit like Elijah."


Elijah was a man just like us. But he was able to sacrifice everything for God and wholeheartedly follow the Lord. He was dedicated in heart and diligent in his work. He faithfully fulfilled all the work God assigned. His spirit of prayer is something we should emulate.


Elijah did not pray for his own glory but only to prove the existence and abidance of God. He was God's servant, serving under the directives of God.  In this way, he glorified God's name and proved to all that God was in fact the sole Creator of heaven and earth. He was all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-present mighty Lord.  God is also the Shepherd of His chosen people.


God was pleased with Elijah's prayers. As soon as Elijah prayed to God, God immediately listened. As  soon as he cried out to God, God immediately manifested his wondrous miracles in front of thousands.  God was bearing witness that Elijah was his trusted servant, a holy man protected by God, and no one should dare bully him.  How did Elijah receive this special spiritual authority and treatment from God? Why did God so freely fulfill his every cry, word, or tear?  Was Elijah any different from us?


During noontime, the sister prayed again to God; this time from her home. God said to her again, "Why do you think Elijah was capable of praying for miracles the immediately allowed people to see the mighty power of prayer? Because I let him know that he and I are ONE. So I am able to manifest my mighty power and so Elijah can be victorious over the false prophets and false gods. Elijah served God wholeheartedly, so I am ONE with him."


May the Lord Jesus protect us, envelope us with His love, and preserve our faith. May He continue to help us to persist in pursuing the truth of the Bible and be continually filled with the Spirit of God. Just as Enoch walked with God, so we should also show the world the God abides with us.  If we can determine to live a life of prayer, await the coming of our Savior, and lead a life in accordance with God's own heart,  then we will become a witness for the Holy Spirit. We should work hard to fulfill our duties and perform our role to preach the full gospel of salvation as preached by the True Jesus Church to the ends of the earth.