On October 12, 2011 in early morning prayer (before dawn), she saw a vision. In front of her was a level plain, which looked like a very fertile field that is very suitable for planting. But upon closer inspection, there were still small stones in the field, so it was still unsuitable for planting. First wait until the landlord has cleared the small stones and other debris first before the field can be used for planting.

At this time, Jesus told her: "You are all like this field. Don't think that your faith is already very good or that you have performed a lot of holy work, or that your heart is already clean, and suitable for use by the Lord. Actually, you still have many shortcomings that you need to improve. Your faith, patience, and love is still not sufficient.  You are still far from being usable by God. When you encounter unpleasant things that do not go according to your will, you get upset. If you are like this, how can God really train you? How can you even bear it?"

No matter what you encounter, whatever you hear, you should not mind or be bothered, get angry, argue, or attack others. In all things, be calm and have inner peace, be thankful to God in all circumstances, and do not sin. God wants you to be worthy of  the work He wants you to do for Him. Pray to God earnestly with repentance. Do not think highly of yourself and think that you are already very good.  Always strive to become perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect.  Finally, when your heart field is ready, then I will plant what I have intended to plant in your heart, to use you all for my important work."

Another sister received this revelation from God. God loves your family, that is why God pays special attention to each and every one of your actions and behavior.  Even every word that you utter will be closely examined by God. Whatever weaknesses you have, whatever mistakes you have committed, don't think that no one knows. God will manifest all these things so that others can see your ugliness.  His purpose is to motivate you to pursue becoming more holy, so that you will lead a life that is holy and separate from the others in the world. Because I love you, I want to give great blessings to you. But you do not live in harmony. You are all constantly fighting noisily and bickering among yourselves. So then God's many blessings will not come to you all because you are not yet worthy to receive the blessings.

Do not let other people's matters occupy your heart, lest their every action affect the state of your hearts and become stumbling blocks to your faith. When you see other people's weaknesses and lose the peace in your heart, you must learn to put these matters completely into prayer. Ask God to teach the people to correct their ways and to resolve these matters that bother you.  We don't need to use our human ways to correct others, lest we spark arguments and quarrels, thus lacking spiritual cultivation.

Those who think they are standing firm in faith will easily become complacent and self-righteous. They are unable to use the love of God and the word of the Bible to regard the weaker members with mercy and compassion. Paul said in 1 Cor 9:22, "To the weak I became weak, to win the weak." 

No matter what the issue is, we must sacrifice ourselves for the sake of upholding the truth of the gospel.  Given this, is there any matter that should be permitted to disrupt our spiritual pursuit and thus risk incurring the wrath of God? Should we permit any single person to come between our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, thus disturbing our seeking after Him? No. When we are pursuing after the goal of salvation with all our heart and all our mind, other than Lord Jesus Christ, there should be nothing else that should command our attention.

If God is able to show us His favor and shower mercy upon us, instead of being consumed by His wrath, then we likewise must be gentle and lowly, not be embittered toward others. Then we will be able to experience heaven on earth, live a life that walks with God. May the Lord bless you!