Visit to Heaven and Hell


Testimony of Br. Lin Bao En


Lin Bao En is a young brother from TJC in Fushin, a first-year elementary school student.


First Vision


The first vision I saw was a prayer after the gospel tea party at Dasi Church. Soon after Bao En started praying for the Holy Spirit, he saw Lord Jesus and six angels descending on a white heavenly ladder. Then Jesus raised his hands and proclaimed powerfully, "Pray in the holy name of Lord Jesus," and laid his hands on every brother and sister praying in the chapel.


The first angel also helped to lay hands during the prayer.

The second angel looked very serious when he stared at an old brother who didn’t concentrate with his eyes still open while in prayer. The angel’s eyes were wide open as he flew around to closely observe every believer. The look of his eyes struck fear in Bao En.


Bao En wanted to open his eyes during the prayer, but his eyes seemed to be glued shut and could not be opened.

The third angel took a note pad in his hand standing at the front of the chapel and was taking notes.

The fourth angel stood at the foot of podium and was also recording.

The fifth angel closely monitored all the brothers and sisters seated at every single row.


Bao En wondered, Wouldn’t the angel’s neck be sore from stretching and staring so hard at every row and every member to watch what they were doing?

The sixth angel circled around inside the whole chapel and observed Lord Jesus as He went from the front to the rear of the chapel laying His hand on each member during the prayer. Afterwards Lord Jesus returned to the front.


Bao En wondered, Why didn’t Lord Jesus go downstairs below the chapel to lay hand and pray for the other believers at the lower level?


*Note: most TJC chapels in Taiwan are located in upper floor of multi-story structures.


The bell rang to conclude the prayer. Bao En wanted to follow Jesus but couldn’t. Lord Jesus and the six angels had disappeared.


Bao En said he couldn’t make out Lord Jesus’ face.  But the faces of the other angels were visible. Lord Jesus had very large wings studded with many bright shinny gems.


Thank God this was the very first time Bao En saw a vision.  He also received the precious Holy Spirit in that very prayer, so he could speak in tongues! Thank the Lord.



Second Vision

The second testimony took place when Bao En was a second grader in elementary school. Last year in Fushin TJC spring spiritual convocation at one Sabbath morning service concluding prayer close to noon, Bao En had just started praying.  Soon he saw Lord Jesus descending down from a heavenly ladder flanked by two angels one on each side.  Bao En could not see Lord Jesus’ face.  When Lord Jesus approached him, his whole body trembled, because Lord Jesus is so holy and pure. 


Lord Jesus held Bao En’s hand while the two angels walked alongside. They were about to cross a bridge heading to heaven. Many people were queuing in line and walking towards the bridge. The bridge became so wobbly that many lost their footings and fell into hell. As for those who had once worshipped idols in the world, Lord Jesus blew a puff of air and they were blown straight into hell. 


Bao En witnessed True Jesus Church members who crossed this bridge with very firm stable footings without the bridge shaking one bit.  Still there were weak faithed TJC members not full of Holy Spirit who were shaken off and tossed down.


As they headed towards the heavenly kingdom, he saw an entry door that no one can open except Lord Jesus.  When they approached the door, Lord Jesus spoke and the door of heaven opened.

Bao En saw his two deceased grandpas and a grandma who greeted him at the heavenly gate. Bao En wondered if he was also dead.  As soon as Bao En entered heaven, he saw flowers singing hymns. There were so many houses in heaven in varying kinds of colors.  Each front door was marked with every individual’s names.   He saw his mother’s house with only four gold pillars, while his father’s house had 6 gold pillars.  


Lord Jesus told him that his house in heaven was not yet built, and that he’s not supposed to stay in heaven.  Then Lord Jesus took Bao En to see 3 houses of those who had already been called by the Lord.


The appearance of the first grandpa's house was bluish gold.  Upon walking in, he saw that even the pillowcases were made of gold, and the lamps were very high-end looking. Bao En then went to see grandma's house which was pinkish gold, and then the third house belonging to his second grandpa was golden.


After touring the houses Lord Jesus took Bao En to the church in heaven. Many people walked toward the direction of the church. The church in heaven was so majestic and so beautiful. The church exterior appeared golden and bright.


When Bao En entered the church, the angel did not allow him to sit in the front, because the front pews were reserved for people who were no longer alive in the world. So Bao En sat in the back.


Then Bao En saw Mary sitting in the first row. How did Bao En know it was Mary? Because Lord Jesus told him. Bao En said that Mary was so pretty. 


Everyone sang hymns. He heard everyone singing TJC hymnal 185 [思慕天家] Think and Reflect    He could hear his grandpa singing very loudly and his voice sounded quite pleasant.


When the angel sermonized everyone listened attentively and each held their own gold bible.  After the service was over, Bao En saw Apostle Paul and people who dressed in white robes as well as those wearing aqua blue translucent robes but their bodies weren’t visible.  He wondered to himself weren’t they feeling cold wearing such watery robes?


There were foreigners and people who looked like us (Orientals). Lord Jesus told Bao En, “It’s actually time for the end of the world, but there are still many people in the true church who have not truly repented.” How the Lord wishes His children would repent and return.


Afterwards Lord Jesus took Bao En for a walk and he saw many animals that were very cute and adorable. Among them was a very majestic white lion.  Heaven also contains a very beautiful vast ocean.  He saw many dolphin like fish skipping around.


When the heavenly tour was over Lord Jesus took Bao En to see hell.


Going to hell was a totally different experience from heaven.  It grew darker and darker as hell neared. Lord Jesus and Bao En were accompanied by two angels. 


Bao En also saw a very pretty older girl who suddenly fell into hell and her whole face immediately dried up and cracked.  As soon as she went into hell, a devil pierced her back with a long spear. He also saw worms of hell wriggling in and out of people's eye sockets.  The demons were roasting and devouring human flesh while laughing maniacally.


Note: Those who committed adultery in the world will suffer by being constantly jabbed with spears in their genitalia, and murderers sawn in half.


What Bao En witnessed was awfully frightening. He saw a devil with a severed head still moving around.  There was a very large bowl over a huge stove. The devils pushed screaming people in then they jumped in too laughing loudly. 


Half way through hell a demon reached out and tried to grab Bao En’s foot, but an angel stood by to protect him.  As soon as the brightly shinning Lord Jesus approached, the demon quickly scampered and hid himself.


Lord Jesus took Bao En back to Fushin church.


Lord Jesus used a protective shield to guard Fushin church.  There were many demons ramming against the shield around the church.  Upon impact their horns cracked.  There were countless number of demons standing outside the church, trying to attack the church.  Some of them flying, others on foot.  Lord Jesus sent 6 angels to defeat thousands upon thousands of demons and completely wiped them out.  A huge demon tried to rush and attack the church.  Lord Jesus merely used the palm of his hand and with a light tap this humongous demon was struck down to the ground and fell straight into hell.


Hundreds of angels surrounded Fushin church outside, kneeling and praying.  There were angels praying inside as well.  After the prayer ended, Lord Jesus and his angels ascended and rained down many gemstones.  They came in varying shapes and dazzling colors, e.g. green, red, blue, clear, white and never seen before colors.  These represented the various gifts given to every believer. 


Bao En couldn’t fully put into words everything he witnessed. 


Thank God for his wonderful testimony and sharing. May it encourage and motivate our faith. All glory and honor be given to true God in heaven.  Amen.



This testimony took place in 2021 when Bao En was a third grader in elementary school.  His parents raised both him and his older sister with good daily habits to read bible and pray.   Thank God they are very well-behaved children both in and out of church.  Their mother raised them by supplementing studies with prayers so their grades excelled in school.